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Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

So you just bought a used Harley Street Glide or another motorcycle and you are ready to take it out for a spin. However, it just started raining heavily and you are unsure what to do. Below, we will give you some tips for riding your motorcycle in the rain. Keep these tips in mind before going out riding in the rain.



1. Remember Hydroplaning Protocol 


The first thing that you need to remember is your training. More than likely, hydroplaning is something that you studied while first getting your license. Remember the many different techniques that can help you when you hydroplane. Don’t brake or accelerate suddenly, for example.


2. Don’t Use a Visor


This may seem like common sense, but using a visor while riding in the rain can put your vision at risk. Therefore, you shouldn’t use a visor if you want to see clearly. You may get rain in your eyes, but you will still be able to see the road.


3. Ride at Slower Speeds


During any sort of condition where the road has less traction, you should take extra precautions. This starts with riding at slower speeds. As your confidence increases, you can start going up to normal speeds. However, if the rain starts to pile up, you should stay at lower speeds.


4. Wear Rain Gear


While riding, you will get soaked and miserable if you don’t wear rain gear. Therefore, put on a rain jacket, gloves, and so on. As always, be sure to wear a helmet at all times while on the road. Make sure the gear you wear keeps you as dry as possible.


5. Consider Staying Home


Riding a motorcycle during inclement weather always puts you at a greater risk. Therefore, you should always keep your safety as the most important factor in mind. If this means that you need to stay home and ride tomorrow, then so be it!


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Original Source: https://bit.ly/2Uwntey