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Tips for Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

So you just bought a used Harley Street Glide or another motorcycle and you are ready to take it out for a spin. However, it just started raining heavily and you are unsure what to do. Below, we will give you some tips for riding your motorcycle in the rain. Keep these tips in mind before going out riding in the rain.



1. Remember Hydroplaning Protocol 


The first thing that you need to remember is your training. More than likely, hydroplaning is something that you studied while first getting your license. Remember the many different techniques that can help you when you hydroplane. Don’t brake or accelerate suddenly, for example.


2. Don’t Use a Visor


This may seem like common sense, but using a visor while riding in the rain can put your vision at risk. Therefore, you shouldn’t use a visor if you want to see clearly. You may get rain in your eyes, but you will still be able to see the road.


3. Ride at Slower Speeds


During any sort of condition where the road has less traction, you should take extra precautions. This starts with riding at slower speeds. As your confidence increases, you can start going up to normal speeds. However, if the rain starts to pile up, you should stay at lower speeds.


4. Wear Rain Gear


While riding, you will get soaked and miserable if you don’t wear rain gear. Therefore, put on a rain jacket, gloves, and so on. As always, be sure to wear a helmet at all times while on the road. Make sure the gear you wear keeps you as dry as possible.


5. Consider Staying Home


Riding a motorcycle during inclement weather always puts you at a greater risk. Therefore, you should always keep your safety as the most important factor in mind. If this means that you need to stay home and ride tomorrow, then so be it!


Thinking of Getting a New Motorcycle? 


If you have been trying to find a used Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale near me you might be surprised at the options that we have available at Hot Metal Harley Davidson. Come stop by soon and check out our large inventory of new and pre-owned Harley motorcycles.


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Tips for Riding Your Harley During Winter Weather

Just because it is winter doesn’t mean that you need to search through Harleys for sale near me and find one that is good for winter months. There are many cases of riders who are very safe on the roads during the winter and go through all the necessary precautions. Below, we will help you prepare for riding during the winter months by giving you 5 tips for riding safely.

1. Ride at Slower Speeds


When there are things such as snow and ice on the road, your motorcycle will simply not be able to ride as effectively as it normally does. Therefore, make sure to slow down your speed and put your life and personal safety first while riding during winter months.


2. Change Your Maneuvering Techniques


With colder weather comes worse traction while on the road. This can heavily impact previous techniques you picked up for things such as turning, braking, and so on. Practice heightened levels of caution and be ready to adjust your maneuvering techniques accordingly.


3. Have Emergency Plans


When the worst-case scenario comes into play, those with a pre-meditated plan will almost always prevail. Make sure to have a number to call if you run into an emergency scenario while riding during the winter.


4. Stay on Serviced Roads


As a Harley rider, you already put yourself at considerable risk by riding during summer months. Winter months are a completely different animal. For this reason, stay on roads that are plowed and salted so that you can be as safe as possible.


5. Reconsider Riding During Snowstorms


Before you find a new Harley Road Glide for sale during the winter, you might want to wait until Spring comes around. Riding during snowstorms and the winter is not as safe. Therefore, reconsider any and all riding during the period.


Thinking of Getting Your Bike Ready for the Winter Months?


You don’t have to browse through the many Harley Davidson Street Bob for sale if you come to see us at Hot Metal Harley Davidson. Be sure to ask about getting your bike serviced and ready for winter months. We have a package ready for you to be as ready as possible for riding during the winter.


Original Source: https://bit.ly/2y2rq2V

Tips for Riding a Motorcycle with a Passenger

Before you start searching for a used Harley Street Glide with all the proper gear for a passenger, you should know that you are probably already set to take passengers on the road with you. Below, we will cover the main tips to keep in mind while riding your motorcycle with a passenger.

1. Remember Your Center of Gravity

When riding a motorcycle, you always need to be conscious of where your center of gravity lies. Especially when you are carrying a passenger. Therefore, be sure to remind the passenger before hopping on that they should align their center of gravity with yours at all times.

2. Have Them Hold on Tight with Their Legs

If you are riding with somebody else, they don’t necessarily have to hold tightly onto you. If it is their first time riding a bike, they might not be aware that they don’t even need to hold to you or the passenger handles that your bike may have. Instead, they can just hold on tightly with their legs.

3. Go at Slower Speeds Until They are Comfortable

When you first start riding with a new passenger, it can be tempting to go at fast speeds that you are accustomed to. However, it is heavily advised to stick to lower speeds. At least until you notice that your passenger feels safe while on the motorcycle.

4. Don’t Accelerate Fast

When you first get started, you might want to inform your passenger about how fast a motorcycle can accelerate. Otherwise, they can be caught off guard and be prone to an accident. Therefore, start slowly both in terms of acceleration and speed.

5. Wear Protective Gear

In the event that you do get in a crash, having protective gear will go a long way towards helping save a life or two. Therefore, make sure both you and your passenger stay equipped with the proper protective gear.

Thinking of Buying a New Harley? 

Before you start searching for a used Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale near me you might be surprised at the diverse selection available from a high-quality dealer such as Hot Metal Harley Davidson. Come stop by today and see what we have in stock?

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Things to Check Before Riding Your Motorcycle

Now that you found a Harley Road Glide for sale or another model of choice and have brought it back home, it’s time to start practicing safe riding techniques. For this reason, we will break down some of the most common things that you need to check before riding your motorcycle.

1. Plate & Registration

Before you hop on your motorcycle, one of the first things that you need to check is the vehicle plate and registration. Make sure that both of these things are visible and can be read. It is common for them to become covered with mud and dirt.

2. Leaks

When you are hopping on your motorcycle, your bike may have leaked fluids overnight. Therefore, be sure to observe the ground around your motorcycle before starting it. This is the easiest way that you can notice that a leak has started before it turns into a serious issue.

3. The Chain 

Checking your chain is very easy to do before starting your ride. Therefore, it should also be something that you do before each of your rides. Simply check to make sure that the chain is tight, and that there is no slack on it. This will help you avoid countless potential problems.

4. Tire Pressure & Tread

Although you might not choose to do this before every ride, checking your tire pressure and tread should be something that you do routinely. Both of these things are important to the overall performance and efficiency of the motorcycle. Not to mention, replacing tires as the tread wears is crucial.

5. Mirrors

Many people can end up in an accident and wreck their motorcycle and start searching among Harleys for sale near me because they simply forgot to check their mirrors. Before you start riding, make sure that your mirrors are in the proper position so that you can see.

Thinking of Buying a New Harley Davidson Soon?

Whether you want to find a Harley Davidson Street Bob for sale or another famous model, Hot Metal Harley Davidson has all the options that you need to look through. With all the hottest new and pre-owned motorcycles in stock, we are here to help you find the motorcycle of your dreams when the time comes.

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Signs Your Harley Davidson Bike Needs to Be Replaced

Thinking you need to replace your motorcycle? Before you start searching for a new Harley Davidson motorcycle, we are here to help you decide when it’s the proper time. Here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson, we help people to find new bikes all the time. Below, we will cover some of the most common signs that your bike needs to be replaced.

1. Repairs Cost Nearly as Much as a New Bike

When your repairs start to match the cost of a new or used Harley Davidson Street Glide for sale then you probably are simply best off by replacing the bike. Take advantage of your bike’s value before it breaks fully down and just trade it in for a new motorcycle.

2. Your Bike is over 10 Years Old 

Just like a car, older motorcycles tend to encounter more problems. If your bike is over 10 years old, or anywhere close to this age, it is nearing the end of its life. Although it’s possible that it will last much longer, an older bike is generally at greater risk of expensive repairs and problems when you need it to perform the most.

3. You Have Over 50,000 Miles

Cars over 100,000 miles are in a similar category to motorcycles with over 50,000 miles. This is a general figure that mechanics consider to be old. Therefore, if you are approaching this milestone on your motorcycle, you might be best off looking for a new one soon!

4. There is Always a New Repair Needed 

If you find yourself in the position where you are moving form repair to repair, it might be time to replace the motorcycle. As a Harley Davidson owner, the last thing you should constantly be focused on is repairs. If you are constantly repairing your bike instead of enjoying it, think seriously about buying a new bike.

5. You Simply Want a New Harley Davidson!

If you are searching around for a Harley Davidson Sportster for sale while simultaneously hoping that your old motorcycle breaks down, you should consider getting a new bike. If you have the extra money to invest and feel that it is time to replace the bike, it might just be a perfect time!

Seeking to Find a Dealership with Great Deals

Whether you want to find a new Harley Fatboy for sale or a certain type of Harley Davidson motorcycle, Hot Metal Harley Davidson is a great dealership to check out. Located in Pittsburgh, we have a diverse selection of both new and pre-owned motorcycles for you to check out.

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How to Make Your Harley Davidson Faster

Trying to find some new ideas to improve your Harley Davidson’s speed on the road? Here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson, we help people to do this all the time! Below, we will break down some of the top things that you can do to make your motorcycle faster.

1. Add an Aftermarket Exhaust System

Before you start trying to find a Harley Davidson Sportster for sale to solve your speed woes, you should first consider getting a new aftermarket exhaust system. This can help provide a lot of extra speed while on the road that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

2. Install Lighter Wheels

One of the ways that you can improve your speed on the road is to make your bike lighter. Therefore, you must think of things like your wheels. With lighter wheels, your engine will have a much easier time accelerating, gaining speed, and maintaining the speed.

3. Rebuild Your Motor

Generally, rebuilding your motor is something that is seen as too expensive. However, if you are serious about gaining some extra speed on the road, this is something that you need to look at. While you buy a new motor, you will be able to choose how fast you can go.

4. Don’t Forget the Brakes!

With great speed comes the need to be able to brake better. Therefore, use this time that you are spending to upgrade your bike’s speed to also upgrade the brakes. Although you will surely become faster on the road, you will need to have better brakes.

5. Adjustable Suspension

Getting an adjustable suspension is a good idea for many reasons. For starters, searching for a new Harley Davidson Street Glide for sale doesn’t necessarily mean that you receive this feature. Second of all, the adjustable suspension will help you with things such as traction, cornering, and braking with your newly-found speed.

Looking for a Certified Harley Service Center to Improve Your Speed?

Whether you want to find a new Harley Fatboy for sale that is fast enough to meet your needs, or you simply want to talk with a Harley mechanic on your best options, Hot Metal Harley Davidson can help you out. We have countless years of experience with Harley bikes and can help you get the results that you need.

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5 Tips to Improve Harley Davidson Motorcycle Performance

Before you start searching for a new Harley Davidson Street Glide for sale, you should go through all the possible steps to improve your performance on your own. Below, we will break down 5 tips to help you improve your motorcycle’s performance on the road.


1. Installing Modifications

Modifications are usually the first thing to look into while trying to improve your motorcycle’s performance. You can consider something such as an aftermarket exhaust that will help you to improve many things. This includes your horsepower, torque, throttle, and much more.

2. Getting New Tires & Checking Pressure

Having your tires up to par is almost always a great way that can help you get better performance. For starters, check the tire pressure to make sure it is up to your factory settings. If the tread is too low, get new tires and you will notice instant results on the road.

3. Keeping Fluid Levels Updated

Just as your body needs water, your motorcycle also needs fluids. Fluids are a life source. Therefore, make sure that your bike’s fluids are also checked and updated. Things such as oil is an important part of your bike’s performance and overall health.

4. Adjust & Lubricate Your Chain

The chain on your bike can sometimes get out of place and/or a little jaded. It is recommended that you routinely adjust and/or lubricate your chain in order to ensure high performance while on the road. This is also a relatively easy task to handle on your own.

5. Check Your Air Filter

Before you start trying to find a new Harley Davidson Sportster for sale just to improve performance, you should check all possible variables first. One of these things is the air filter. This is one of the most commonly missed items that you can replace and improve your bike’s performance.

Ready to Take Action on Your Harley’s Performance?

Here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson, we have many ways to improve your performance on the road. For starters, those who want a new bike can find models such as a Harley Fatboy for sale at our dealership. We also have a service center that can help you achieve the results you desire.

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5 Common Roadside Harley Repairs

Before you start searching for a Harley Davidson Street Bob for sale, you might be able to fix your motorcycle on your own. Here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson, many of the repairs we handle are very easy to do on your own. Below, we will cover 5 of the most common roadside Harley repairs.


1. Flat Tire

Getting a flat tire is something that every motorcycle owner will encounter if they ride long enough. However, this is also very easy to fix on your own. Many times, a motorcycle owner will have a patching kit and/or spare tire ready.

2. Loose Chain

Having a loose chain is another one of the common roadside repairs that every bike owner should know how to do. Generally, a loose chain can be fixed within a matter of minutes. If you don’t know how to do this, though, it can be much more difficult of a task.

3. Headlight or Tail Light

When your headlight and/or tail light goes out, you need to act fast. However, if it is daytime you probably don’t have much to worry about. Head right over to the nearest parts store and get this replaced immediately. Otherwise, you can end up risking your life and/or receiving a citation.

4. Clutch Cable

Having a spare clutch cable with you for long road trips is almost necessary. The last thing you need while on a road trip is to have your clutch cable break and to leave you stranded on the road. Therefore, try to keep one with you at all times in the glove box.

5. Shifter Lever

People often start searching among the Harleys for sale near me when they brake a shifter lever. After all, this is also one of the most commonly broken motorcycle parts. Generally, though, it is easy to fix and can be done by yourself on the roadside.

Thinking of Buying a New Harley Davidson Soon

If you run into a repair that is simply too expensive to handle, getting a Harley Road Glide for sale or another type of new motorcycle is often a great idea. Here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson, we are ready to help you find a new motorcycle that is best for your needs when the time comes!

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How to Use Hot Metal Harley’s Online System to Find Your Next Bike

If you are searching for a Harley Davidson Sportster for sale or another one of the top Harley bikes, Hot Metal Harley Davidson is here to help. Those located in the state of Pennsylvania are within close reach of securing their dream bike. Below, we will break down how to use our online marketplace.


1. Filter by Vehicle Type

Deciding whether you want a full motorcycle or a simple scooter is one of the first decisions that you can make on our online marketplace. This is the first filtering criteria that you will need to pick from. Usually, people to shop through motorcycles over scooters.

2. Filter by Model Category

There are many different model categories of Harley Davidson bikes. Once you know the exact model category that you want, you will then be able to start thinking about other details. Remember that the model will have a direct impact on the price and features of the bike.

3. Filter by Price Range

More than likely, you have a price range already set in stone that you need to meet. The filtering criteria on the Hot Metal Harley-Davidson page will help you to filter models that are below $10,000 from those that are $10,000 and other common price ranges.

4. Filter by Model Years

The newer the model is, the more expensive it generally is. However, older models also can be a lot more difficult to find than newer models. Therefore, keep in mind that certain years may not be as easy to find. Nor can you expect the same prices for each model year.

5. Filter by Make & Family

Whether you want to find a Harley Davidson Street Glide for sale or another popular Harley Davidson model, you need to first filter down to the precise make and family. This will help you see all of the options that exist and choose the best motorcycle to match your needs.

Ready to Get Your Next Hot Metal Harley Motorcycle?

Whether you have a being seeking a Harley Fatboy for sale or another type of Harley, Hot Metal Harley Davidson should be your top go-to option in the state of Pennsylvania. Located in Pittsburgh by the airport, we also have a large collection of bikes for you to come in and check out at any given time!

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Check Out Hot Metal Harley’s 2020 Sportster Model

Many people seeking a new motorcycle want to find a Harley Davidson Sportster for sale that comes with all the latest features, bells, and whistles. On this page, we are going to break down some of the top features that you can find in the 2020 Sportster model available for purchase here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson.

1. One of the Most Affordable Harley Models

Although a Harley Davidson Street Glide for sale and other similar models can be affordably priced, a Sportster is widely known and acclaimed for its affordability. Therefore, those who are trying to get a high-quality Harley bike at a lower price will commonly pursue Sportster models.

2. LED Indicators in the Dash

Common information to be aware of such as the speed, fuel, beams, brakes, and so on, are all lit up using LED lights on the 2020 Sportster model. This is much nicer than having the traditional old-fashioned indicators that either didn’t show information like this or in a less attractive manner.

3. Excellent Performance

One of the best reasons to consider buying a Sportster is performance. Since the first Sportster model in 1957, the performance has long been acclaimed in this breed of Harley Davidson motorcycles. In 2020, we see features such as electronic port fuel injection, air-cooled technology, and much more.

4. Stripped Down & Less Bulky

One of the common reasons that people choose to buy a Sportster is that they have a less bulky design than some other Harley models. This also helps them to be more lightweight and capable of packing a nice punch on the road. Of course, a less bulky model is easier to sell at a more affordable price.

5. Unique Look & Design

The Sportster stands out for having a beefy front tire, a rounded headlight, and a peanut-shaped tank. This design is great for those who don’t want to hold their hands up high on the handlebars. Since it has a slightly-higher seat than normal, it is ready for all sorts of rides.

Ready to Get Your Next Hot Metal Harley Motorcycle?

Hot Metal Harley Davidson has many other models outside of the Sportster. Whether you are seeking a Harley Fatboy for sale or another one of the top-quality models available, be sure to come to check us out. Even if the Sportster is not the best model for your needs, our team of salesmen can help you find the best option.

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How Hot Metal Harley Davidson Offers Superior Maintenance

Have you been searching around to find Harleys for sale near me that are sold by a dealer with excellent coverage? If so, then Hot Metal Harley Davidson is probably the best choice for you to consider. Below, we will break down why and how we offer superior maintenance when compared to some of our top competitors.

Much More than an Oil Change


Of course, one of the common reasons to come in and have your Harley serviced is to have a professional mechanic handle your oil change. However, it’s important to note that this is only a short glimpse of the wide array of services that we will offer to you. Below, we will cover some of the extra maintenance perks that we have here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson!


Thorough Performance & Safety Inspection


After you find a great Harley Davidson Street Bob for sale and spend some time with it on the road, the performance and safety features might start to take a toll. Therefore, we will do a full inspection of all your bike’s performance and safety features during our routine maintenance appointments.


Tire Health & Air Pressure


Once we do a complete inspection of the bike’s performance and safety features, another one of the things we will look at is the tires. We will conduct some checks to ensure the tread is at a safe level and that there is plenty of air inside your tires.


Screw, Bolt & Brake Checks


One of the most common problems a Harley bike can face are small things like loose screws and bolts. Therefore, this is something that we will check in each maintenance appointment. In addition, we will take a look at the brakes and see if they need to be replaced anytime soon.


Fluids, Lubrication, and Controls


Your fluids have a large impact on your bike’s overall performance and longevity. Therefore, it is important for us to check up on these things during our service appointments. The controls of the bike sometimes fail before you are on the road to realize it. Therefore, we will also have a look at all the controls for you!


Thinking of Buying a Harley Motorcycle Sometime Soon?


Whether you want to find a Harley Road Glide for sale or another one of the top Harley models, Hot Metal Harley Davidson is a wonderful dealership to shop at. If you live in the Pittsburgh area, come stop by and see our inventory. We have a wide selection of both new and pre-owned bikes that come with wonderful maintenance plans including features like we described above.


Original Source: http://bit.ly/2HPcUxj

Check out Hot Metal Harley’s 2020 Road Glide Motorcycle

Finding a 2020 Harley Road Glide for sale is easy if you know where to look. Here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson, this is one of the latest models that we are proud to offer. Below, we will cover some of the features that make this model stand out as a great option to consider.


Optimum Comfort Features


One of the reasons that people like this model is that it comes fully-loaded with some of the best comfort features that we can find in the Harley brand. If you have been let down with uncomfortable saddles by previous motorcycles in the past, this is probably the best model for you.


High-Quality Performance


Whether you want to find a Harley Davidson Street Bob for sale or are heavily interested in the Road Glide, the performance specifications are probably one of the reasons why. The Limited model comes with a Milwaukee-Eight 114 V-Twin engine and shark-nose fairing that help model this model a superior choice.


Storage & Passenger Space


Not all Harley models come with the abundance of space that we can find in the Road Glide. This model can comfortably seat two people while still maintaining the ability to store your loose baggage in the rear bin.


Defensive Rider Systems


This model contains the popular REFLEX™ Defensive Rider System that utilizes advanced chassis control, electronic brake control, and power train technology. Put together, these features help you to accelerate and brake in the safest and most efficient manner possible.


For those With Slightly Higher Budgets


Having the luxury of a higher budget will also mean that you are capable of receiving top-quality features like those we have described above. Some of the most beneficial perks that you receive are extra comfort, lots of power, and the opportunity for lots of customization.


Ready to Get a 2020 Harley Davidson Road Glide Motorcycle?


If you have been searching around the internet trying to find Harleys for sale near me, then Hot Metal Harley Davidson might be your closest and overall best location to shop. If you live in Pittsburgh, come stop by soon to see our 2020 Road Glide models among all the other options present. 


Original Source: https://bit.ly/2VjGW44

Check out Hot Metal Harley’s 2020 Street Glide Motorcycle

If you have been searching around for a Harley Davidson Street Glide for sale then you should definitely stop by and see the 2020 model we have available here at Hot Metal Harley-Davidson in Pittsburgh. Below, we will break down some of the most noteworthy features of this motorcycle.



1. High Levels of Customization

Those who want to have some of the most opportunities for customization possible tend to really love the Street Glide. This model can be customized in just about any aspect form the color to aftermarket engine parts and other accessories.

2. Sleek & Unique Design

This is not your average Harley Davidson motorcycle. There is plenty of storage space fitted on both sides of the rear wheels, and a unique shape for the dash. The handlebars are also conveniently placed below your shoulders to help assist comfort throughout long rides.

3. Packs a Punch

This model has a maximum torque of 111 feet/lbs. at 3250 RPM. It also has a 6-speed cruise drive transmission. Put together, features like these help give this model an overall very powerful engine. Especially when compared to some of the lower-priced Harley models.

4. Excellent Value for the Money

Although this is clearly not one of the most affordable Harley models, it comes with a fair set of features that help give it an excellent value. The unique design, lots of power, and excellent performance are all reasons why this is such a popular model for our clients here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson.

5. Reflex Defensive Rider Systems

Those shopping for a Harley Fatboy for sale may not be able to find many of the top-quality features that we find in the 2020 Street Glide. One of these features might be the REFLEX™ Defensive Rider system. This system boasts advanced chassis control, electronic brake control, and powertrain technology that helps you with braking efficiently and safely.

Ready to Get Your Next Hot Metal Harley Motorcycle?

Whether you have been eying a particular Harley Davidson Sportster for sale or are sold on the Street Glide, Hot Metal Harley-Davidson has all the models you want here in our inventory. Located in Pittsburgh, we are within close proximity to the airport. Come stop by and see what we have in stock today!

Original Source: http://bit.ly/3c8EOSy

5 Signs You Might Still be a Rookie Harley Rider

Rookie Harley Davidson riders tend to have a common set of beliefs and habits. Whether you ride a used Harley Street Glide or one of the newest and most expensive Harley Davidson models, there are some trends that we notice. Below, we will cover 5 signs that you might still be a rookie rider.

1. Everything is a Race to You

There is clearly a heavy load of satisfaction and enjoyment that comes with owning a powerful Harley Davidson bike. However, if you are on the road constantly trying to be faster than other motorcycle riders, you may have a lesson in humility on the way. This sort of mindset is dangerous.

2. You Are Fearless on the Road

Every motorcycle owner dreams of doing things like riding without touching the handlebars, doing wheelies, and so on. However, an expert rider knows how dangerous these things are. For this reason, they will also often be one of the first to avoid doing things like these. A little load of fear and respect for the power of a motorcycle can end up saving your life.

3. You Slack on Safety Gear

A rookie rider will sometimes reach a point in confidence where they no longer see safety gear as necessary. Even to the point where they will stop wearing things like helmets and the proper padding. Be aware that even the most seasoned and expert riders wear helmets and proper safety gear.

4. You Think Nicer Models Correlate to Better Riders

It is not the size or price tag of the tool that matters, but how you use it. This definitely true when it comes to Harley Davidson motorcycles. Don’t fall into the trap that a higher price tag, customizations, and aftermarket parts are what make you an expert rider. It is years of experience on the road.

5. You Are Overly Influenced by Other Riders

An expert rider knows that they are an expert rider. They don’t need to constantly listen to the advice of their peers and take into account what they have to say. They have already walked the walk on their own. Due to their abundance of years on the road, they are generally less likely to listen to other riders’ opinions on smaller matters.

Thinking of Buying a Harley Davidson Motorcycle in Pennsylvania?

Hot Metal Harley Davidson has a wide selection of used Harley Davidson motorcycles for sale near me in the Pittsburgh area. Whether you want a new or pre-owned model, we have a lot of options for you to check out in our inventory. Stop by today and see if we have a motorcycle that suits your budget and desires!

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Check out Hot Metal Harley’s 2020 Street Bob Motorcycle

Finding a Harley Davidson Street Bob for sale is generally very easy once you are sure that this is the model that you want. The 2020 Harley Davidson Street Bob has a wide set of popular features. Below, we are going to cover the basic information that you need to know about this model.

Stripped-Down Raw Bobber Style


When we are discussing a stripped-down raw bobber style motorcycle, we are talking about mini-ape handlebars, spoked wheels, and chopped fenders. If this is the kind of style that you have been searching for in a motorcycle, you definitely need to come into Hot Metal Harley Davidson today and see our 2020 Street Bob models in stock.


Strong Engine with Great Performance


Although those seeking a Harley Road Glide for sale might have the luxury of a slightly nicer engine, the Street Bob comes with a nice punch. This model features a Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 engine. This leaves the rider with an impressive amount of torque and horsepower for just about any ride.


High-Performance Front Suspension & Rear Shock


The nightmare of just about any Harley rider is to end up with a model that has poor shock and suspension. This leaves you with a bumpy ride that is simply not necessary if you choose the right model. If you buy a 2020 Street Bob, you will have the luxury of a wonderful front suspension and rear shock system.


Softail™ Frame


The Harley Softail™ frame has the look of the rigid frames that we find in previous Harley models. The difference here is that the Softail™ frame helps you to have plenty of rear suspension and an overall smoother ride than some of the other frames we see in Harley motorcycles.


Affordable Price


Not everybody buying a Harley Davidson motorcycle is on an unlimited budget. Although the Street Bob is definitely not the most affordable 2020 Harley model that you can find, it comes priced at a very affordable rate that is right above the entry-level prices.


Ready to Buy a 2020 Harley Davidson Street Bob Motorcycle?


If you have been searching around trying to find Harleys for sale near me, then Hot Metal Harley-Davidson might be the best dealership for your needs. Located right next to the international airport in Pittsburgh, we are always ready to help you find the Harley of your dreams. Come stop by and see what we have in stock today!


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5 Common Motorcycle Problems

Whether you have been riding a used Harley Street Glide are any other Harley Davidson motorcycle for an extended period of time, you are sure to run into problems. Below, we will break down some of the most common motorcycle maintenance issues that Harley owners tend to encounter when servicing their bikes here at Hot Metal Harley Davidson.


1. The Buildup of Dirt inside the Interior


Unless you are solely using your bike on paved roads of the highest quality, you are sure to eventually start building up dirt and mud inside your bike’s interior. If left alone, this can lead to plenty of maintenance issues that you probably don’t want to deal with.


2. Mechanical Problems


Mechanical problems are common. This is regardless of whether you are searching for a Harley Davidson Street Bob for sale or any other type of Harley Davidson bike. When you encounter mechanical problems, you also tend to spend a little more on repairs than some of the other common motorcycle problems.


3. Braking Issues


Braking issues are one of the most urgent matters that you need to address in a Harley motorcycle. Having trouble getting your bike going is one thing. When you have problems stopping, it is a much more serious problem that needs to be addressed right away.


4. Tire Wear & Tear


As you use a motorcycle, one problem that you are bound to run into is tire wear and tear. The tread of your tires needs to be at a safe level or you can risk your life. Imagine how dangerous it is when your tire tread breaks completely off in the middle of a ride. If you are not careful enough to replace your tires in time, this is exactly what might happen!


5. Battery Problems


Motorcycle batteries are designed to recharge themselves while the bike is powered on. However, the battery itself is still subject to a lifespan. Be sure to routinely look at your battery's optimum settings by consulting your owner’s manual and checking the battery charge manually.


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